Who Has SongWood Worked With?

Well, technically, in its current format, no one.

However . . . John has extensive recording credits on both sides of the glass. Producing, arranging, performing, and engineering. While there may be better producers, arrangers, performers, and engineers, John's got a pretty valuable combination of all of them!

Some of the Artists John has played and recorded with are listed below, along with the role(s) he played.

  • John McGaraghan (songwriter, performer, producer, engineer)
  • Oversoul (songwriter, performer, producer)
  • King Harvest (songwriter, producer, performer, engineer)
  • The Redwood Project (performer with members of Jambay, Zero, Missing Man Formation)
  • Hot Buttered Rum (engineer, producer, performer)
  • Sfunk (engineer, producer)
  • Lee Simpson (songwriting collaborator)
  • Zac Matthews (songwriting collaborator)
  • Nat Keefe (mastering engineer)
  • Various sound design and voiceover for marketing materials and ad campaigns, hypnosis programs (recording engineer)